11281474_761186510668419_219781285_o-1080x675Welcome to our small world of leather and craftsmanship, in a small, beautiful country called Bulgaria. I am Hristo Voivodov and I design the shoes and accessories bearing the name MBG.
In our small MBG fashion studio workshop, we hand make, from real leader, small series jewelry, accessories and sandals. Our work requires exquisite craftsmanship, skillfulness and precision, using innovative leather on leather elements encrusting technique that produces smooth surface and inimitable design patterns. We also use engraving, stamping and embossing to further add character and originality to our designs.
All our leather products take a creative journey through the MBG fashion studio world, starting with carving and cutting to dyeing the leather pieces; it is a journey I, as a designer, take with each peace I make. Quality is paramount, every little piece, every little detail and element we add,
trough the different production stages, is important. That’s why we only use high quality materials from the best in the business. We use only Fiocchi Italy snap buttons, 925 silver hooks for our earrings, stainless steel metal components and to make sure you get the best of our products we try to minimize the metal to skin contact when we design our range of jewelry, accessories and footwear. We also do our best to be great friends with our planet and are proud to say we use scraps of various recycled leather for all our handmade leather products.

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